regal mind

For this needle, the customers come all the way to visit our company.
Feel smoothness and comfortability

Since 1918, we have been supplying the hand sewing needles
all over the world under the company's motto “Happiness” .
We are now pleased to hear that the users are satisfied
with the quality and user-friendliness of our hand sewing needles.

Reliable Quality
Though needles are all almost alike in appearance, a big difference can
be noticed when sewing for many hours or making small stitches.

Made in Japan
Our experienced craftsmen, using the selected
materials, are manufacturing the needles
one by one carefully with passion,
pride and a dream. These efforts have brought
the high evaluation to our needles.

For Better
We will try to maintain and improve continuously the quality in order to win more trust
of our users. Furthermore, we will promote research and development to seek
better hand-fitness, stiffness and flexibility of the needles and more easiness of sewing.

Peace Aid for Children
As one of our efforts to help the life of sewers and crafters
in the world to become more enriched and comfortable,
we will donate part of proceeds to the Charity for Underprivileged Children.

We would like to teach children in poor countries the sewing technique
to make such goods as accessory, coaster, luncheon mat,
and so on and sell them in rich countries in the future.
If this scheme is realized, we believe that even underprivileged children
who cannot attend school could gain economic power for their living.

“Contribution to Happiness of the Entire Society” is a Spirit of Regal Needles.
We hope every single needle will bring the quality
called “Happiness” into the world.

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