Bankoku Needle Mfg.Co.,Ltd. (henceforth referred to as "we" or "us") may recieve personal data from customers when conducting electronic transactions, inquiries, etc.
We understand the importance of handling personal information carefully and take that social responsibility seriously.
We are able to foster trust with customers because we handle personal information in the following ways.

  • We comply with the laws and regulations related to the Personal Information Protection Act and other related articles.
  • Customers will be notified of the ways in which their information will be used in advance, and said data will be handled accordingly.
  • The ways in which personal information is to be handled is made clear to all employees involved.
    Also, all involved employees are under supervision to ensure security.
  • To prevent disclosure of personal data, we take all necessary precautions and review our safety measures when necessary.


Personal data is only used for the following purposes.
In the case personal data is used for purposes other than those listed below, the individual to whom the data belongs will be notified beforehand.

  • To ship products, catalogs, etc.
  • To introduce new products, etc.
  • To contact customers in response to inquiries.
  • To conduct surveys in an effort to improve customer satisfaction.

2.Releasing to third-parties

We will never release personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  • In the case that third-parties require information in order to complete transactions or dealings with our customers (such as a shipping company).
  • In the case we must entrust information to outsourced companies who have signed a nondisclosure agreement with our company and meet the purposes described in this privacy policy.
  • In the case we are requested to release information by public officials, public institutions, etc.

3.Contacting us about personal information

We comply with laws pertaining to the release and/or revision of user personal information.
For more information on the release of personal information, please contact us either by telephone or Contact page.


Revised July 31st, 2020