Cassette Needle With Sewing Set

Threading is enjoyable with this Cassette Needle with sewing essentials

Cassette Needle With Sewing Set


Can Case
Sewing Needle φ0.69 L38.10㎜ (3 pcs.)
Cassette needle
Sewing thread (3 col.)
Shirt button (2 pcs.)
Safety pin
Operating instructions

It can be fun threading a needle like doing a magic trick. That’s the concept for this Cassette Needle. All you need to do is pass a thread through a hole on the case and pull out the needle. Then the needle comes out with the thread already through the eye of it.
Cassette Needle comes with a sewing set in a sturdy metal container. You can carry it with you in your bag when you go out. It comes in handy when, for example, a button on your clothing comes off.

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A delicate finish approved
by professionals.

Our customers are able to sew like a dream.
Seasoned professionals put care into every single needle to bring about that sense of satisfaction.
That's what makes our needles 'Regal'.

Needle Tip
Sew without cloth damage

Sew without cloth damage

Regal needles are known for easy threading. The needle tip's not-too-round shape allows you to sew with ease all while making sure your fabric is not damaged.

Soft on Hands

Soft on Hands

Our needles are strong enough to prevent bending, but still maintain the right amount of flexibility to stop them from breaking. This combination of strength and flexibility is the result of years of experience and research, allowing you to sew smoothly without hurting your hands.


Less Stuck Thread

Our needles' pinholes are so polished and smooth that you don't need to worry about damaging your thread. In fact, it would take a microscope for you to see the details that set our pinholes apart! The top and bottom of each pinhole is specially designed to stop thread from getting caught and splitting apart.


Solid Quality

All of our needles are carefully checked one by one for bending, plate peeling, rust, and fragmentation. They are then checked again in detail to make sure they meet all of our high-quality standards of thickness, length, appearance, and form. You can rest assured that we offer the best quality possible.

As Smooth as Cloth

As Smooth as Cloth

The more you sew, the more electrical resistance builds up. After a while, it gets to the point that you have to put more effort into every stitch.
Regal needles are created with tiny vertical cuts invisible to the naked eye that help to minimize this problem, allowing you to work with ease.

Recognized by
The Professional’s Needle

The Professional’s Needle

Professionals expect to be able to sew with ease.
The Regal 500 series are non-plated and have extremely fine vertical lines that allow for smooth sewing. That is why this needle is the professional’s choice.